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Esposizione di Fabiano Bevilacqua

03.09.19 --> 21.12.19


NOVITÀ: ...oltre al nostro menu serale vi proponiamo altre delizie autunnali!! clicca e scopri la carta :-)

The Restaurant

The welcome in Pro Infirmis' restaurant Vallemaggia is cordial and the service attentive. The food provided is healthy and balanced. A team of professionals works with the staff benefiting from disability pensions, who are mainly occupied with service and the kitchen. Particular attention is paid to the ingredients: fresh, regional and mostly organic products prepared with creativity and passion. The contact between professionals, disabled staff and customers creates conditions conducive to interaction and inclusion. We have a dining room for 80 people, a large terrace under the shade of a century-old camphor tree, and a cosy bar.

The kitchen

At midday we offer a simple daily meat or fish dish, a vegetarian dish and a small menu choice. On Thursday and Friday evenings we offer a refined menu created specially by the chef, accompanied by a carefully selected wine list. For banquets and special occasions, we concoct a personalised menu.

The midday menu of martedì 10 dicembre

Insalata di barbabietola e ribes

Piatto forte
Filetto di passera con salsa al dragoncello, riso rosso della Camargue e finocchi all'olio d'oliva

Piatto vegetariano
Lasagne agli spinaci e ricotta

Crema ai cachi

giovedì 12 dicembre sera


venerdì 13 dicembre sera


Menu della settimana

Menu completo CHF 23.00
Menu senza antipasto CHF 19.00
Menu senza dessert CHF 19.00
Solo piatto principale CHF 15.00
Menu serale, giovedì e venerdì CHF 58.00

The events


03.09.2019 – 21.12.2019

Esposizione di Fabiano Bevilacqua

03.09.19 --> 21.12.19

The team

Ronnie Figura

Chef de cuisine
Remo Migliorini

Giada Ferrari
Samuel Moesch (buvette)

Maurizio Catena
Servizio sala
Helena Christen Norden
Lourdes Morillo

Collaboratori cucina

Gianfranco Arena
Jöel Cotti
Andy Maderni Sou
Simon Peter
Didier Philipona
Fabrizio Leoncini

Collaboratori servizio

Mirko Bottani Diana Tiberio Guglielmo Hug Simone Muto Ilija Protkic Thomas Keel

Collaboratori lavanderia e pulizie
Michel Gianini
Pamela Lafranchi
Suzana Malinovska
Mariano De Zerbinati Milquiudy

Buvette Supsi
Paola Guglielmazzi (gerente)
Jayne Dupuis
Daniela Rey
Elia Quaglia

The refreshment bar

A small team from the Vallemaggia restaurant runs the refreshment bar of the Training and Apprenticeship Department (DFA) of the SUPSI (University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland). The bar serves drinks all day and proposes a self-service buffet at midday. This environment facilitates daily contact between our staff, the students and the teachers, and proves to be particularly enriching and stimulating for all those involved.

Casa Vallemaggia

The Casa Vallemaggia, managed by Pro Infirmis, offers persons with disabilities the possibility of gaining experience, expressing and affirming themselves in various contexts such as work, habitat, relations and social contacts.

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